There must be something very good or incredible for the topic of Nearshoring to be so popular right now. And let me tell you that, yes, it is a topic that has come to stay and has brought great benefits. But, here I will explain the benefits it will bring YOU.

First, before we start with the good stuff, I would like to tell you a little about Nearshoring, explained in my own words, so it will be easier for you to understand.

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What is Nearshoring?

Nearshoring is hiring or outsourcing your talented team to another part of the world, BUT! Close to your country. Let’s give an example to make this even easier.

Suppose, in this case, you have a company in the United States. In whatever line of business, your company has grown a lot over the years, and you need a team that can manage your company the same way you would. But you need more resources to hire people in the United States and help to find the right people. This means that your “home office” is in a nearby country because of the same time zone, cultural proximity, language, etc.

This example has come true, and many entrepreneurs have succeeded. Many entrepreneurs from the United States and Canada have come to Mexico to find the talent they cannot find in their countries.

There is talent in their countries, but in Mexico, we are proud to say that we also have highly qualified people. With this example, I hope you have created an image in your head and now start dreaming about how you could have the same by doing nearshoring.

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Benefits Of Nearshoring

Now let’s go to the benefits:

If you look everywhere, the main benefits of Nearshoring will be these:

  • Proximity (Time zone and culture).
  • Language (English is spoken in Mexico)
  • Cost reduction
  • Better talent in your team

And yes, these are great benefits, but we think they are the basics. I’ll tell you why, at Intangibles, we go beyond what you can imagine.

These are the benefits you can have with us:

Forget about doing the whole process yourself:

If you got to this part of the article, let me tell you that you should be calm because Intangibles takes care of all the benefits that you will receive. Because we are a staffing agency, we connect you with the talent you are looking for. That means we take care of the entire recruiting process and provide them with the necessary tools, fair and legal benefits, etc.

Your company will be more efficient than ever: 

Our clients have told us that their companies have grown more than they thought, and we continue to hire talent for these companies. Wouldn’t you want the same?

Your company will be more efficient because you will dedicate your time to what really matters and your team to achieve your company’s goals.

We take care of the ENTIRE process:

We not only take care of recruiting your team but also have them in a harmonious space so they can work and give their best. Giving them the necessary tools, such as computers, keyboards, etc., is also completely basic because that’s what they need to work. We give them a safe space for their professional development, where they feel comfortable working.

While you are there doing other essential activities, we are working on achieving your goals. And remember, you are part of the process; you are the boss!

You don’t have to train your team. We do it for you.

As I mentioned, it doesn’t mean you’re not involved in the process. But we will take care of training your team in the required processes. This means that having an already-trained team will make it much easier to train new team members.

Get to know your team! Yes, in person…

The beauty of Nearshoring is that you can come to Mexico and meet your team. Engage in conversations with them, and share your concerns, motivations, etc. We don’t want everything to stay behind a screen; we want to create lasting and honest relationships so your company and your talented team can succeed.

This is as far as the article has gone, but your work with us can go a long way! Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.