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The Most Important Department To Take Care of? Accounting & Finance. It´s Time To Leave It With The Experts: With Us!

Accounting & Finance Reinvented: Unlocking Success with Nearshoring Services

Access to a global pool of skilled Accounting & Finance

Nearshoring services enable you to tap into a diverse talent pool of skilled accounting & finance from around the world


IntangiblesTalent offers cost advantages by providing access to skilled accounting & finance professionals at competitive rates, reducing your overall operational expenses while maintaining quality standards.

Discover our Comprehensive Range of Outsourced Accounting & Finance Roles

Accounts Receivable Clerks

Manages and tracks incoming payments.

Accounts Payable Clerks

Handles and processes outgoing payments.


Manages financial records and reporting.


Conducts thorough financial examinations and audits.

Financial Analyst

Analyzes financial data to support decision-making.

Controllers Accounts Receivable

Manages and oversees accounts receivable functions.

External Tools and Systems Used by Our Accounting & Finance team


See Our Full-Service Nearshore Contractor Agency

See Our Full-Service Nearshore Contractor Agency
Time Zone Compatibility:

Minimal time zone differences enables real-time collaboration and faster project development.

Competitive Pricing:

IntangiblesTalent offers cost advantages while maintaining quality & reducing risks

Cultural and Linguistic Affinity:

Effective communication and stronger working relationships through shared cultural traits.

Skilled Talent Pool:

Ensure the availability of high-quality resources and promotes innovation and efficiency in project execution.

Words From Our Clients

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"We are pleased with the quality of employees that Intangibles has provided us with. Each individual has demonstrated a strong work ethic, professionalism, and commitment to delivering high- quality work. Their skills and expertise have been invaluable to our company, and we appreciate the effort and dedication they have shown in their work. We look forward to continuing our partnership and working together to meet our staffing needs."

F&H Construction

Lodi, California

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"We are extremely satisfied with the services provided by Intangibles. From the quality of employees to the level of support and communication. Intangibles have exceeded our expectations at every turn. We would definitely recommend Intangibles to other businesses looking for staffing solutions."


Salt Lake City, Utah

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"We appreciate the level of professionalism and expertise you bring to the table. Thank you for your partnership! And we look forward to continuing to work with Intangibles in the future."


Salt Lake City, Utah

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"I run a Marketing company in Canada. We have had the pleasure of brining on two Graphic Designers that Intangibles helped us to source. Diego and Karle have been with us for over 18 Months and they are absolutely KEY to the success of our business! Thank you Diego and Karla for the INCREDIBLE work you guys do for us!"

Josh Contreras

EnCasa Marketing, Vaughan, Ontario

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"Thank you Intangibles! You guys have been nothing but phenomenal in helping to bring a VA that is a perfect fit with me as an individual, but also a perfect fit for what my business needs. The experience, from the interviews to the final hire, has been super smooth. Thank you again for all your attention to detail!"

Chris Chopite

Inspired Co. Real Estate Sales & Marketing Coaching, Training and Consulting

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